• SCE STAR Workshop Series

  • This year, as part of the vision to create pathways to success for diverse suppliers in and around our communities, we are excited to join with our sister chambers, the Los Angeles LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce and Desert Business Association, to offer eight workshops for business owners to learn and grow so that they are ready to take on the opportunities that are available through local and national supplier diversity programs.

  • June 13: Hidden Rules to Working with Prime Contractors June 13: Hidden Rules to Working with Prime Contractors

    What do Prime Contractors want? In this course, participants will learn common expectations among prime contractors and large businesses. Participants will explore varying distinctions that allow companies to thrive and succeed in the larger marketplace. Participants will determine the steps necessary to prepare and engage with Primes. Finally, they will learn how to evaluate strategies to obtain experience in subcontracting, teaming, and mentor/protégé structures.

  • Subcontracting on a government/utility contract can be lucrative, but you need a plan. This course will cover the importance of Subcontracting plans on government/utility contracts and the role of the Subcontractor, the Prime Contractors, and Contracting Officer in the subcontracting plan. This course also explains how a small business can break into government/utility contracting through a subcontract vehicle, without dealing with the Agency directly, and they can learn about the importance of subcontracting from an experienced professional.

  • Negotiating favorable terms can be the key to your success. However, a poorly written contract can jeopardize your business's profitability, assets or ability to perform. This course will provide tools to help businesses understand the requirements, elements and key information for formation of contracts. Using the psychology of negotiations, you will be able to apply negotiation tools and strategies to anything in business and/or personal life.

  • Stop “push marketing” and instead pull your clients into your center of excellence. What do you do well, and, as importantly, how does it benefit your customers? This course focuses on the “client” (customer) experience, and examines your company’s marketing communications through their lens. By the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of what is, and is not, working with your current marketing approach and why.

  • To win more clients, participants will improve their pitch to a potential new client by focusing on, selecting their company branding, developing their business introduction, identifying their core capabilities, illustrating their past performance, selecting their differentiators, constructing their value proposition, and formulating their compelling offer. Essentially, this course will discuss the importance of understanding and defining your company’s core capabilities to clearly define the value proposition to potential clients.

  • The objective is to assist small businesses with the development of a sufficient business plan for which they may have a clear picture of operational needs and business model to secure funding. This will be achieved by illustrating the value of business planning, defining the key components of a business plan and application of the knowledge obtained through actual plan development.

  • This course teaches you how to scale for success through connecting and building a relationship with your buyer. You will learn the basics of networking and how your approach should change depending on the stage of your business life cycle and goals for the business relationship. You will also consider your natural communication style and how to adapt for potential, existing, or future clients.

  • Upcoming LBGLCC Events

  • A Word from our Sponsor, Southern California Edison:

    We’ve long been committed to working with woman, minority, service disabled veteran and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender enterprises. Today we spend $2 billion-plus with these firms, representing more than 40 percent of our total procurement dollars. Quite simply, Supplier Diversity is a core business strategy for us.

    Our Supplier Diversity and Development team are professionals who deliver sustainable supplier diversity solutions.  The team strives to drive economic value for customers, suppliers, communities and shareholders by developing and integrating diverse businesses into the procurement process.

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