• A Note from our President, Brian Burroughs

    I hope this message finds you well and filled with enthusiasm for the journey ahead. As we embark on the future of the Long Beach LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce, I am honored to share with you our vision for the future—a vision built upon the core values of diversity, growth, relationships, advocacy, community, education, and certification.

    Here are some of the key initiatives and goals we aim to achieve this year:

    • Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion remains at the forefront of our mission. We will continue to advocate for policies and practices that foster an environment of acceptance and respect for individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and orientations.
    • New Members: We recognize the importance of expanding our network and welcoming new members into our community. By fostering connections and providing resources, we aim to support the growth and success of LGBTQ+-owned and allied businesses in Long Beach and surrounding areas.
    • Community: Service to our community is at the core value of our Chamber. We will participate in various charitable initiatives, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities to give back and make a positive impact. Legislative Updates: The importance of staying informed of current events that affect our community is vital.
    • Events: Participating in and supporting local LGBTQ+ events, pride celebrations, and cultural festivals to celebrate our diversity and unity.
    • Business Spotlights: Highlighting LGBTQ+-owned and allied businesses within our community to promote visibility and economic empowerment.

    As business owners we participate in the economic growth of our city and community. It’s important that we have a “seat at the table” to create opportunities for growth.

    As we move forward on this journey together, we encourage each of you to actively engage with our Chamber, share your ideas, and participate in our events and initiatives. Together, we will create a stronger, more inclusive environment for everyone.

    Thank you for your continued support.
    Warm regards,
    Brian Burroughs
    President Long Beach LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

    Brian Burroughs (He/Him/His) LBGLCC President
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