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    Casa Youth Shelter


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    About Us

    Casa Youth Shelter mission is to serve and nurture youth in crisis with shelter, counseling, and support services, empowering them to come through their crisis with increased confidence, stability, and tools for continued growth. We envision a community where all adolescents in crisis have a safe place to stay, in an environment that promotes personal growth and healthy relationships.

    Focused on youth in crisis ages 12 to 17, Casa Youth Shelter provides emergency shelter and counseling for homeless, runaway, and abandoned youth in crisis ages 12-17. Additionally, we provide individual and family counseling for adolescents available to anyone without a shelter care stay.


    • Shelter for homeless youth
    • Youth counseling
    • Family counseling


    Our caring staff
    Homecooked, nutritious meals
    Tutoring and educational support
    Physical activities
    Sewing class with volunteers
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