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    Do you think you pay way too much in taxes? You’re not alone! Even the government thinks you pay too much. That’s right, even the Government Accountability Office (GAO) thinks you pay too much! They estimate that taxpayers overpay taxes by almost a billion dollars each year due to mistakes they and their tax preparers make on their tax returns. Douglas loves to help taxpayers save on taxes.

    Typical tax professionals focus on putting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. They do a great job of recording history – usually the history you give them. Certified Tax Coaches (CTCs) are different; CTCs are tax professionals who specialize on creating proactive tax plans to help taxpayers save money, legally. Douglas uses a variety of court tested IRS approved strategies and creates customized tax plans for each unique situation. He has completed special training, maintains ongoing continuing tax-planning education, and adheres to the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches TM Code of Ethics.

    Douglas is also an Enrolled Agent. To obtain Enrolled Agent status, one must 1) demonstrate through a thorough knowledge of the tax code by passing 3 difficult tests which have a 30% pass rate, 2) Pass an FBI background check, 3) Adhere to strict IRS code of ethics, and 4) complete 72 hours of continuing education yearly - a requirement that Douglas exceeds every year.


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